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What we do

Friendship Network

We reduce the social isolation felt by older people in Islington by matching them with befriending volunteers who visit them regularly for a chat.

Health Advocacy

We improve the wellbeing of refugees and people from newly arrived communities by providing support and advice from our bilingual volunteers and Maternity Mentors to enable them to access health care and live more healthily. People affected by FGM receive support for mental and physical wellbeing.


We give children aged between two and five a better start in life by providing a stimulating learning environment in our Preschool.

Stroke Service

We enable stroke survivors and their families and carers in Islington to regain more skills, access local services and take an active part in local life through the intervention of our Stroke Service.

Wellbeing Service

We reduce the stigma around mental health by our outreach activities which promote physical and mental wellbeing and healthier lifestyles. We support people to access the care they need.

Leadership and influencing

We provide leadership to improve the capacity of local voluntary and community sector organisations, building on our experience, reputation and networks to ensure that everyone can engage with statutory bodies, the NHS and local authorities to further the wellbeing and prevention agendas.

Data Protection and Privacy Statement

Your data security is really important to us. We have updated our privacy policy to give you a comprehensive understanding of how we use and protect your data.



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