Creating a welcoming space

Over half the people who have contacted Manor Gardens during the pandemic say they feel isolated, which makes it difficult to live their lives happily and healthily. Many are struggling with anxiety which affects their wellbeing. We’ve been able to adapt quickly so that we’ve kept in touch with everyone on the phone or zoom, as well as opening up our services to all local residents who need help. 

As we come out of lockdown, our vision of opening up our building to offer the same Access for All is more important that ever so we can create a welcoming indoor and outdoor space fit to meet the growing needs of our communities.  

We’ve got plans to open up our old reception area at the front of our Grade II listed building to become a community hub, accessible to local residents. Our building has no open communal space currently. There is a narrow corridor, an office and a small meeting room.  

Please donate today to help us take out the old office partitions, knock openings in a supporting wall and fit out the new area. We also need to make the area accessible for people with mobility needs. 

Our vision is to make an open-plan space to include a café area, a digital area where people can access the internet, and spaces to meet one-to-one. We’re going to hold regular activities, such as coffee mornings, clubs, peer support groups, job coaching, as well as drop-in sessions when people can talk to our staff about issues they are facing. With social distancing in place for the foreseeable future, it is now ever more crucial that we open up our space to enable us to invite people in again.  

We’ve shown in our outreach work that creating non-threatening spaces with food and drink enables people to seek help for things that are troubling them and that we can provide early interventions to improve people’s wellbeing and prevent them getting worse.  

Manor Gardens offers bilingual advocacy in English and 10 community languages, raises awareness of mental wellbeing, provides support for refugees and migrant families, and one-to-one support for people with physical or mental health needs. The demand for our help increases each week and we desperately need to start meeting people face to face to give them the help they need.  

Once completed we expect that an average week would see ten people coming in with complex issues each week, with 50 people a week dropping in to use the facilities or take part in activities. 

We're hoping to have a plaque on the wall thanking our donors and you can discuss what a bigger donation could be put towards by emailing us.

Help us open up our building to welcome and support local people.

Donate today.


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