Could you spare us some time?

19 Mar 2019

Manor Gardens Welfare Trust works with around 250 volunteers each year in a wide range of roles, all of which support our services to improve the lives of people in North London.

We are looking for more volunteers to take on these roles. Time commitment varies and each role requires different skills. We provide training, support, events and certificates, plus the opportunity to meet new people, gain skills for your CV and get a taste of how a charity works.

We are particularly looking for Mental Health Champions. Mental Health Champions seek to change people’s minds about mental health by reducing stigma. They do this by attending events, talking to work colleagues, breaking down barriers around mental health in their community and spreading the word to people they encounter on a daily basis.

For more information see here.

We are also looking for Volunteer Befrienders for our Friendship Network. Befrienders commit to visit an older person in their home once a week to reduce their isolation and bring them a bit of cheer. We are also looking to develop the Network to include other isolated groups of people.

If you are interested see more information here.

We run a weekly Stroke Club on Fridays between 10 and 4. It is open to people who have had a stroke, recently or a long time ago. We need volunteers to help us put on the club, help out with activities, support the members and bring fresh ideas to the group.

For more information see here.


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