Young Americans raise funds for Dahlia Project

8 Sep 2017

The Young Americans hair salon in California contacted us wanting to support our Dahlia appeal with a Cut-a-thon. They have now held their fundraising day and raised the grand sum of US $2,320. They had a fantastic day and far exceeded their goal of around a thousand dollars.

The Cut-a-thon was set up by stylist Allison Daza who writes here about why she felt she had to support our work from the United States.

'Last month after listening to a podcast (episode 56) I was moved by Leyla Hussein story. This was the second time I had heard of FGM and was ready to really listen about the pain this caused so many women in the world.

'I woke up one morning after listening to the negative current news we have had here in the States and felt a loss of control. I remembered Leyla's voice a few nights before on the podcast and ran to the computer to help. When I arrived at the donation site I was discouraged to find only a small financial portion of what she was asking for to keep this support system open was there. I was shocked, remembering how the podcast even asked the audience members to help to be able to achieve Leyla's goal. I needed to help her, somehow.

'So that day I went to my owner and manager of the salon I work at called The Young American Salon. I told them about the cause, the help Leyla needed and the time constraint. They were so open to let me not only host this event, help support it but also openly talk about it to every client that was not only in our chairs but also on social media.

'We devised a plan and set a date of August 27th. This gave us two weeks to find stylists and anyone else that would help make this a success.

'I what you to know, so many people wanted to help. The humanity and kindness of five of my co-workers, 15 local artists, 1 henna tattooer and a bunch of donations from local restaurants, local manicurists and boutique shop owners. We got so much more then we could have wished for. We promoted hard, through friends, family and clients and through social media every day. So many people came to help on the day of the event.

'I was so afraid we would not get everyone booked, but every stylist had not one open spot by the 27th! I could not believe the support calling in.

'We had a raffle for art and 15 local artist donated beautiful paintings and photography. This helped raise even more money for the event.

'The spirits were so high the day of the event. We all worked so hard together and these stylists will always be special to me for this.

'It restored faith in the human race on August 27th. Thank you to all who helped. I love you! Dahlia Project, thank you so much for helping so many women. Thank you for making others in the world aware of what is going on. Thank you for sharing kindness and strength. The Young American Salon fells so honored you allowed us to be apart of your support system.'
Allison Daza


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