Physical wellbeing

Manor Gardens supports people to keep active and improve their physical wellbeing through drop-in events, practical tips and support to access healthcare.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we provided nearly 3,000 food parcels to people who couldn't get to the shops or who experienced poverty. This practical help improved the wellbeing of local residents and brought a sense of community, with volunteers packing and delivering parcels, which we don't always see in normal times.

Our (bilingual) advocates also take an holistic approach to people's issues, often finding that by supporting clients with a particular problem that is worrying them, they can significantly improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

We are working closely with our local communities to help them get back to normal after the pandemic, which has significantly affected many people, increasing isolation, bringing back previous trauma and reducing physical wellbeing. The effect on mental health has been significant and our in-person activities continue to provide a life-line to many. We also use our activities to ensure that people get accurate and up-to-date information about vaccines, as well as ensuring that they are clear on how to keep themselves and their families safe.

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