FGM Programme

Over 137,000 women and girls in England and Wales have undergone FGM. It has devastating lifelong physical and psychological impacts and yet many vulnerable women have no access to support services.

For many years Manor Gardens has been raising awareness about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).Our work involves influencing at a national and international level through our lead campaigner, Dr Leyla Hussein. Through her high profile world-wide campaigning and regular broadcasts she has kept FGM on the agenda with politicians, policy makers and professionals. Her message to End FGM has spread through many of the communities she works with, educating parents and leaders so that they do not practise FGM on their daughters and break the cycle.

Through the team at Manor Gardens we put on workshops with professionals to help raise their understanding of FGM and the context in which it is practised. We provide them with in-depth information about all the different types of FGM and give them practical tips on addressing the issue with people who may be at risk. We show that it is our duty to challenge those who may be contemplating this crime, when many people are constrained from talking about it through cultural or religious sensitivities. We aim to protect and safeguard girls at risk.

Manor Gardens runs the Dahlia Project, set up by Leyla, to reach out to survivors of FGM to offer life-changing support. Our therapists are often the first person a woman has told her story to and many describe the relief they feel at being able to openly discuss how FGM affects their lives, both physically and mentally. 

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