Therapeutic services

We are able to provide professional support for people who need access to therapeutic help.

We provide a range of therapeutic services to support disadvantaged and isolated women with mental health problems who have experienced gender-based violence or abuse. Separate services are also available for men and families.

Access to therapy

Therapy can have a positive impact on people's lives but many face multiple and serious barriers when trying to access it. We have developed a successful community-based model to facilitate access to psychotherapy.

Taster sessions

These sessions give people the opportunity to explore feelings and fears about using mental health services and offers some insight into psychodynamic psychotherapy and the benefits of such therapy.

Psycho-education groups

A psycho-educational group is a specific type of group therapy that focuses on addressing the client’s experiences, difficulties and ways of coping. Psycho-educational groups consist of members who share similar difficulties. The psycho-education focuses primarily on coping with specific difficulties but also the client's own strengths, resources and on developing skills and insights in order to contribute to their own health and wellness on a long-term basis.

Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy sets out to understand the underlying causes of a wide range of difficulties; the therapy may sometimes focus to exploring and understanding the impact of a particular experience.

Practical information and advice

We also provide information and signposting to appropriate organisations on issues such as housing, benefits, education and immigration.

Low-cost therapies

We can also provide low-cost counselling based on a person's ability to pay to enable people to look after their mental wellbeing at a time that suits them. If you are interested in accessing this type of counselling email us for an assessment.

Do you feel
•    down, upset or tearful
•    restless, agitated or irritable
•    guilty, worthless and down on yourself
•    empty and numb
•    isolated and unable to relate to other people
•    finding no pleasure in life or things you usually enjoy
•    a sense of unreality
•    no self-confidence or self-esteem
•    hopeless and despairing
•    suicidal.

For more information on any aspect of therapy please contact Njomeza. 

We provide therapeutic groups for women affected by FGM through our Dahlia Project.

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