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Caring for the health of mothers and their young children has been at the heart of Manor Gardens' services since we began in 1913 as a school for the mothers of North Islington. Nowadays our work has grown to encompass all aspects of pregnancy and early parenthood as well as families.

Bright Beginnings supports families across North London to give their children the best start in life. Families come from a refugee or migrant background and the majority don't speak fluent English. Our bilingual Family Mentors help them navigate their way to accessing universal health services by supporting them in their own language so that they are empowered to integrate into the wider community and lead fulfilling lives.

Some of the support on offer is around the pregnancy, birth, nutrition, working closely with health professionals and keeping well, but we also provide support in parenting, learning to play with your children, mental health, and engaging dads as well as mums. A vital aspect of our service is how we encourage peer support, particularly between the mothers, so that they can feel less isolated and form new friendships.

An important part of our work is also to work closely with commissioners and maternity services to influence the ways in which service users can access mainstream services so that everyone receives a better experience.

We have now set up an Equalities Hotline for frontline Maternity and Bright Start professionals. You can speak to a member of our Starting Well Team every Tuesday between 9am and 5pm on 07851 157 907 for confidential advice on particular cases or for general advice on your own individual practice. Please feel free to leave a message outside these hours and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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