Building on all the experience we gained with our Bright Beginnings project we have devised an Equalities programme to offer frontline professionals and teams across Islington Bright Start and Maternity services the benefit of our insight and access to local communities. The aim is to develop the skills and understanding of health and early years professionals of the needs and concerns of excluded populations, so that we can reduce barriers to access and improve people's experiences.

  • We can help you to bring your service to the more excluded families so that they are better able to access them and have a better experience.
  • We can bring cultural expertise to your case discussions by attending multi-agency meetings, learning sessions and other relevant workshops to provide an equalities perspective, advice and case studies.
  • We can support you to make your services and activities culturally inclusive. We can offer peer reviews of existing activities and make recommendations on their inclusivity, including looking at the resources at Stay and Play sessions, how appointments run and waiting space at clinics.
  • We can help you reinforce your commitment to making services equitable to families by disseminating posters and leaflets on the Manor Gardens Models of Equitable Service Provision. Elements of a Good Family Experience, Elements of Good Professional Practic, and Elements of Equitable Leadership Practices and Systems Change.
  • We will work with the Equalities Lead in your area to agree an action plan and put pledges into practice.
  • We can support you with expert advice on individual cases and practice via our hotline (see below). Our Family Mentors speak more than 10 languages and work with families from diverse backgrounds. They can advise on challenges that may be due to cultural issues or misunderstandings.
  • We are developing a cultural practices guide and case study videos alongside new self-reflection tools.
  • We can offer you the opportunity to shadow and make joint visits.
  • We can offer advice on additional activities based on your priorities and equalities plans

To find out more please contact Natalia.

Equalities Project: Current Activities and What's Next

Manor Gardens Models of Equitable Service Provision

Equalities Hotline for frontline Maternity and Bright Start professionals: you can speak to a member of our Starting Well Team every Tuesday between 9am and 5pm on 07851 157 907 for confidential advice on particular cases or for general advice on your own individual practice. Please feel free to leave a message outside these hours and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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