Support through food

Manor Gardens has been working to relieve food poverty in Islington for several years and chairs the Islington Food Partnership (IFP). This is a network of individuals and organisations working to develop an ambitious and sustainable food network for Islington.

As a result of our emergency food distribution during the first lockdown in 2020 we worked with Islington Council, IFP and charity partners to develop and set up food co-ops across Islington.

Islington Food Co-operative Network

During Covid, Manor Gardens and the IFP worked together to develop a network of seven community-based food cooperatives across Islington. The successes of our pilot network project has been brought together in our Learnings and Insights Guide, which we have written to provide our key learnings and insights to other food partnerships, local food networks, local community organisations, and local groups and individuals interested in setting up local food cooperatives.

Islington's Food Partnership Strategy 2023-28 has been published.

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