Wellbeing Service

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Our new Wellbeing Services seeks to bring together our Wellbeing activities into one service to provide a holistic experience for all the people we work with.

We work across North London to break down the taboos around mental health and to help people understand their own needs. We provide signposting to appropriate agencies and support individuals to make appointments and find the help they need. We recruit Mental Health Champions who are volunteers who attend events, put out leaflets and spread the word about mental wellbeing in their neighbourhoods.

We promote physical wellbeing through teaching people to cook and eat healthily and by running accredited courses in food safety and hygiene. We also put on physical activities to help people get out of the house, meet up and have fun.

We help people find the best help for them by working with a range of local partners and signposting to local services. We also provide the information here.


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