Our Impact: 2023

In 2023, we supported 979 clients with 1,198 cases, including supporting people with housing issues, access to health support or benefits and relieving their debt.

We also ran a total of 574 activites, including coffee mornings and food co-op sessions.

individual cases
community actvities

"I never knew about the possibility for the debt to be erased. Now we can start over, stress-free, to build our lives"

- client at Manor Gardens

Client's story:

Our caseworkers take time with clients to spot where there are other issues they may need support with.

One client came to us for support with applying for a school place and Child benefits for her children. Our caseworker spotted that the client was stressed and asked if there was anything else she needed help with. The client then explained that her family had £12,000 of debt that was causing a great deal of stress.

Neither the client or her husband spoke English, so our caseworker supported with interpretation and advocacy – contacting a local service for support with debt, helping the family prepare required information and attending appointments with them.

One week later, the £12,000 debt was completely erased

Their application for Child Benefits and a place at a local school were also successful. In a follow-up visit, the family shared that they are feeling much better, relieved of the stress and much more positive about the future.

Our activities team at the community Summer party in August 2023

“Thank you so much for all your time and effort to support us. Thank you for being so positive, smiling and helpful.”

– MGWT client

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