Helping people with the cost of living crisis

Manor Gardens has responded swiftly to the changing needs of the vulnerable people we work with by understanding their needs and immediate concerns. We recognise that many people in Islington will be significantly affected by the cost of living crisis and will need additional support to find a way through. We are opening up our space to provide a cosy cafe, hot lunch and information on how to save money for anyone who needs it, Monday to Friday, 10 to 3pm.

Please help us do this by making a donation today.

How the funding will be spent

We don’t know how long this emergency will affect people’s lives. We need funds to continue to support vulnerable people for the foreseeable future and provide online counselling.

  • £25 will buy milk and biscuits for a week
  • £50 will buy sacks of potatoes, onions and carrots
  • £100 will help us buy equipment such as a rice cooker, pressure cooker or soup warmer

How this will benefit the community

We support people in North London who are vulnerable for many reasons including long-term conditions, mental ill health, isolation and poverty. Our timely interventions, both practical and emotional, will prevent people’s problems escalating and will enable them to continue to remain part of our community, improve their wellbeing and support their own families.

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