Manor Gardens partners with Islington Council to launch the North Access Islington Hub 

At the recent launch of Central Access Islington Hub, our CEO, Hekate Papadaki, unveiled plans for a new partnership between Islington Council and Manor Gardens for the delivery of the North Access Islington Hub at Manor Gardens in early 2024. The Access Islington Hubs act as one-stop-shops, offering early intervention and prevention services for local residents. These hubs will deliver advice and support in the domains of work, money, food, home, family, wellbeing and safety.

This exciting collaboration between Islington Council and Manor Gardens Welfare Trust recognises the unique socioeconomic challenges facing North Islington residents and marks a shared commitment to ensure equitable access to services and support. Alongside hosting the hub, Manor Gardens will provide bilingual advocacy and outreach bridging both linguistic and cultural barriers. Through this collaboration, Islington Council and Manor Gardens will ensure that local residents in North Islington will receive the services they deserve in a place they trust.