Islington Food Partnership Strategy launched!

8 Mar 2023

As part of Islington's first Food Week we are celebrating the launch of the Islington Food Partnership's Strategy 2023-28 with our own International Feast at our centre on Wednesday 8th March, part also of International Women's Day.

Manor Gardens chairs the Partnership and has played a key role in the development of the strategy through its outgoing chair, Alex Britten.

Strategy Summary

The Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028 is a set of actions and commitments to be taken by all of us, so that we can build a better local food system. It’s been created through over a year’s worth of discussions, events and emails, bringing together as wide a variety of voices as possible.

This strategy will act as a roadmap for all the work we prioritise in the coming 5 years. But it will also remain flexible, as more people get involved, and as context changes.

It has been led by the Islington Food Partnership, which is an independent and broad coalition of local organisations and individuals working together to build a thriving local food system for Islington.

We work together across four themes, and are driven by our four shared principles across each:

Healthy affordable food for all. Everyone should be able to eat the food they need to thrive.

Sustainable local food economy. Local, ethical, sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to thrive in Islington.

Climate and nature emergency. The way we live our lives should have a positive impact on nature and the planet.

People-powered change. People and communities need to come together to achieve the change we want to see. Real change can’t happen without this.

We all have a stake in the food system – we’re all part of it every day. From decisions on what we eat and where we buy it from, to being involved with our communities and using our voice for change. All of us can make a significant impact by thinking about what opportunities we have available to us, and being creative in how we approach them.

Our strategy asks everyone to take actions and commitments based on where you have an influence. We’ve set out a selection of actions and commitments for all individuals and organisations. We’ve highlighted the actions that can be quick wins, particularly high impact and money saving.


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