Giving children the best start in life has been a core value here at Manor Gardens since we were set up in 1913. Our Nursery is amulti-cultural setting where we embrace all background and experiences. We celebrate different cultural and religious events and we invite people from our local community to help develop our children’s understanding and knowledge about the wider world.

We support all our children to reach their full potential. We take into account the child’s interests and we use the EYFS to plan activities for our children. We use Early Years' outcomes to monitor our children’s progress in each of the seven areas of learning.

Our Nursery setting gives children aged nought to five a varied and imaginative play experience, delivered by staff who have an excellent knowledge of how children learn. We have a cosy, intimate settings laid out with different learning and play areas. Our staff encourage children of different ages to play together which reduces the stress of transitioning to other play areas as a child gets older.

We use Learning Book to help parents and teachers see the progress of their child.

Our children also benefit from stimulating outside areas which include a large greenhouse and garden planting area where the children have been growing their own vegetables. Children play inside and out in fine weather and benefit from mini-sports activities.

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We take applications on a rolling basis. Full- and part-time places including free 15 hours for 2 and 3 year olds.

Please email us and one of our nursery staff will be in touch.


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