Community Wellbeing

Manor Gardens' Community Wellbeing Programme promotes good physical and mental health in North London. We proivde an open-door access for anyone in Islington needing support to improve their wellbeing. During Covid-19 we are carrying out this vital service online and by phone and have begun to work with more residents during these troubling times.

Anyone can ask for an assessment for themselves or a client, using our referral form.

Referral form

One of our key focuses is to break down the stigma around mental wellbeing and help people start conversations about their own wellbeing. We are developing our service to include targeted work within BAMER communities to ensure that people understand what help is on offer and how it will improve their lives. We are recruiting Wellbeing Champions from local communities who are committed to breaking down barriers and promoting good mental health.

We raise awareness about mental wellbeing by taking part in national and local initiatives to enable people from our local communities to receive and understand key health messages.

During the pandemic we are builidng on our established trust with local communities to raise awareness of key messages around keeping safe, taking up vaccines and busting myths. We are also working with families to support them with the stresses and strains of homeschooling, new babies and lockdowns.

Every February we take part in the Time to Talk campaign. We celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10th October and put on activities during Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

One of our crucial roles is signposting people to the right place to get help. We work closely with local agencies and voluntary organisations and support people to find the help they need.

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